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…wants you to know:
The Make Up Artist Client-Generating Machine is Here
After years of trial and error in the business as a Make Up Artist (MUA), I have discovered simple, ready-to-implement tools to increase sales and boost branding in my business. In 2014, I want to show you how you can do it, too!

Follow my lead and watch as you fill up your calendar with clients and become a self-sufficient individual, a better provider for your family and a pillar in the community.

It’s time you’ve discovered the best-kept secrets of the MUA so that you too can become sought after by:
High-profile entrepreneurs
Top photographers
Wedding industry insiders
And many more well-paying professionals

I’m only going to give you no-nonsense advice, without the hype or wishful thinking. What you will learn is
a real system that has drawn clients into my MUA business since (how long???)

Within 8 weeks, you will have the power to: 
Have clients find YOU. Encourage more clients to send more business your way. Build your brand as THE go-to MUA. (No matter where you live!)
Just by taking the tools you already have and leveraging them to grow into a money-making MUA who stays booked!

Your MUA business…spilling over with clients…is closer than you think.

Dear Fellow MUA,
There is no reason for you to go broke – or stay broke – in 2014. I know, it’s hard to watch other MUAs make money hand-over-fist, just by doing what you can do, too. And if you’re in a major city, like I am in , everywhere you turn, there is a new MUA getting booked, while you stress over deadlines and demanding bosses at your 9-to-5.

It’s time for YOU to be the boss.
Not too long ago, I was in your very position. After getting sick and tired of being sick and tired, I took matters into my own hands. Unfortunately I went at it alone, making unnecessary mistakes along the way. That’s why I am spending 2014 paying it forward to those who are serious about growing their MUA business.I didn’t know how to stand out here in Atlanta. I didn’t have a marketing plan. But here I am, a thriving MUA. Along the way, I stumbled on to some techniques that work. Funny thing is, it didn’t take some complex, hidden celebrity scheme either. It was me taking time to find what works in the industry. And better yet…what doesn’t.

This time I’ve put in throughout the years
is one of the reasons I always have clients booking and re-booking me. Even though they have hundreds of other MUA to choose from. I’m telling you this, because you have the power to do what I’m doing. Let me show you how.

When you do what you love, you’ll never have to work again a day in your life…heard that before, right?

 The funny thing is…
- I didn’t believe it, either.
- I thought hard work meant almost nothing.

Welcome to …

Your Beautiful MUA Business!
Introducing the ONLY Training Program You Need
to Grow Your MUA Business

What can you expect?
*1-on-1 Training
*Portfolio building (with professional photos)
*Opportunity to assist on different gigs
*Brand boosting
*Attend private events
*Resume Building
…and more!
Why should you let me teach you the business?
There are countless MUAs across the country, but when it comes to results, not everyone can show you what they’re working with (or WHO they’re working with!). Check out these satisfied clients:

"My Makeup By China Smith was a wonderful experience. She gave polite, honest advice during our consultation to help me achieve the best results. Also, China's hand is so light I fell asleep during the make-up application. Definitely book your MUA appointment here!" – Marie T.

“As a person who has skin problems due to lupus I was elated with the beautiful work that was provided" – Ebonee O.

“I am the owner of Silas Photography Group and when I need a Master Makeup Artist there is only one person I call and that is China Smith.. China will give you that right look for all occasions. You pay for quality, and that is what you will get from China Smith." – John S.

Get in the program today at an incredibly low introductory price…
$599.99 for 8 weeks

I will work with you every step of the way. This isn’t something that you leave you hanging after a few weeks. Plus, in 8 weeks, the program will PAY FOR ITSELF.

Make you sure you pick up a copy of the terms and conditions, here (link).

Let’s make money together in 2014,

Don’t risk losing out on this exclusive offer, by waiting until the last minute. I have been asked to share my secrets with other MUAs, which means those interested will sign up ASAP. Pick my brain and make some money in 2014…you won’t find a better offer anywhere else.

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